Do you make custom pieces?

Yes. If you see a piece in past work and would like something similar, you can contact me and let me know which piece you are interested in. Since many beads that I use are one-of-a-kind, no piece will be exactly the same as any other.

Can pieces be seen before purchasing?

I will hold shows two to three times a year. If you are interested in being on my mailing list, please use the contact form provided in the contact section of the website. I cannot guarantee that you will be able to view a particular piece seen on my website at the shows since it may be sold by the time I have a show. In addition, if you do not live in the Sarasota area, it will not be possible to view my pieces in person. However, when you view my photographs, you will see that they are an excellent representation of my necklaces. They can be enlarged by clicking the thumbnail picture of each necklace.

Can the length of a necklace be adjusted?

Yes. However, when you place your order, please indicate if you have a specific preference in terms of length. It is always useful to be familiar with the length that you need by measuring your neck or measuring a necklace that you like the length of. If I need to make an adjustment in the length of the necklace, there may be an adjustment in the price.

What if my necklace breaks?

It is possible to break any of my pieces if they are dropped onto a hard surface or handled roughly, twisted or packed without sufficient padding. If your necklace breaks during shipping and is broken when you receive it, please email me and I will contact the post office to make an insurance claim. Once I receive the payment from the insurance company, you will receive a complete refund.

If your necklace breaks through regular wear within the first thirty days of receipt, please return the necklace along with all broken parts for a full repair. You will be responsible for the shipping, however, there will be no additional charge to you for the repair.

If your necklace breaks after the first thirty days of receipt, please email me to tell me what occurred and what type of repair is required. In most cases, I can repair the necklace for a small fee plus shipping.

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